Don't you just love the journey of life and the pieces that make up that journey??? From the birth story in the delivery room, to the images that bring back cherished memories or provide an escape, and even that posed family photo to document the ages and stages in the life of a family. Yes this is similar to my intro but this is who I am. I love this journey we are on. Each family has their own story and I love capturing a piece of it. My style...I'm simple, no frills, and desire natural looking portraits. Aside from birth sessions and my landscape artwork, I currently limit my portrait work to family, friends, coworkers, and church members. My current pricing reflects this however I do add "outside sessions" as time allows so feel free to shoot me a message if you are in need of photos. I also will usually offer/announce a few times during the year public sessions from my photography facebook page so feel free to "like" the page to get updates. I encourage anyone who is looking for a photographer to look through their portfolio and galleries. If you like what you see, chances are you will be happy with your own images. Photography is an art and each photographer has their own style. Find one that suites you and go with it. If you are interested in scheduling a session or have an event you would like to have photographed please contact me through my email address or phone number. It's always possible I do have a portrait opening for those that don't fit in the above categories. All sessions are booked at my discretion. Thanks and God bless.